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About Us

AM 1060 returned to the airwaves in 2005 after the frequency had been silent in Humphreys County

for over 10 years. Broadcasting under the new call letters of WQMV, the station was returned to the airwaves with an undefined music format but with the goal of servicing the communities of Humphreys County.

The station was owned by C&L Broadcasting out of Ashland City with a local manager. In 2006, the owners brought in DCDL Media to manage the daily operations, develop a music format and insure coverage of sports for the county’s two high schools.

After studying the local market, the decision was made to create a format that specialized in playing classic rock & roll pulling music from July 1955 through 1985, the golden years of the rock & roll era.

Over the years WQMV has developed one of the largest classic rock libraries in the country and its library and unique format blend has been recognized in national publications as being outstanding.

The stations use of duel streaming channels to cover local sporting events when both of the counties high schools are playing on the same night has also been written up in broadcasting publications and recognized as being an innovative way of avoiding delayed broadcast of school games.

In 2010, C&L Broadcasting made the decision to cease operational service to Humphreys County and to allow the frequency to go dark again. If this plan had gone through it would have left the communities of the county without access to a local radio station.

In July of that year, DCDL Media entered into an Licensing Agreement with C&L Broadcasting to take over operating expenses along with the other duties. Later that same year DCDL Media applied to the FCC to purchase WQMV’s federal license and became the full owner of the station.

The FCC approved DCDL’s purchase of WQMV and issued a federal license in their name. On July 1st 2011, DCDL Media became the owners of WQMV AM 1060 and pledged to the citizens of Humphreys County that they would continue providing great music and support to the community.

On July 4, 2016, WQMV launched its companion station, 93.5 FM.

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